“It’s unlike any tuition I’ve ever been to, what an experience! “


Has your child been failing Chinese and Mathematics in school all their life? Did they complain to you that they always feel like throwing away their exams paper the moment they receive it? Have they ever felt like it is impossible to attain the grades that they always desire? Don’t worry, we got your back! With our world-renowned methodology paired with our lovely experienced coaches, you can look forward to happier days as we help turn those Fs into As in a matter of WEEKS!


Your child can look forward to being taught by their favourite coaches again! Other than being excellent facilitators and trainers in school, they are also excellent teachers. With rich experience and proven track record in providing tuition for different ages of youths in Singapore, they can be expectant to see them again as they take their learning to even greater heights in these classes.  *All of the coaches taking the classes are holding a minimum of an “A” level certificate or Diploma.


Does your child enjoy the activities during the workshop? Well, get ready for more! Our team of coaches have spent hours researching and designing the best activities for them to help maximise their learning. Warning for your child: Get ready to immerse yourself in a learning experience unlike ever before and who knows, you might even fall in love with the subject afterwards!

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(Lower Secondary)

Ignite the joy for the Chinese language here with us in our ‘Joy in Mandarin (lower secondary)’ programme! Build strong and firm foundations for the Chinese language through customised activities designed to maximise learning for your child. Through a hands-on approach in the programme catered for younger teens, your child will build interest for the subject quickly and before you know it, excelling in school as well!


(Upper Secondary)

Reignite the joy for the Chinese language here with us in our ‘Joy in Mandarin (Upper Secondary)’  programme! We aim to make Mandarin interesting again for everyone through fun and thought-provoking activities which helps promote engagement and learning for older teens. Come join us today and discover the secrets to love and excel in the Chinese language!

Quick Maths

(Lower Secondary)

Maths was always meant to be simple, not complicated. Discover simple and practical strategies in our ‘Quick Maths (Lower Secondary)’ programme to help tackle any maths problems in future. Our activities were designed to help build strong foundations for the subject which will be essential to solving more challenging maths problems in the future. We look forward to having you!

Quick Maths

(Upper Secondary)

Solve the most challenging maths with the simplest methods today. Join us as we share quick and practical strategies in our ‘Quick Maths (Upper Secondary)’ programme through the activities we prepared for you. Learn to build mastery with ease for all the topics tested in the national exams when you journey with us today. Maths does not have to be your biggest fear ever again, let’s learn to conquer it together!



“it’s unlike any tuition I’ve ever been to, what an experience! Every single one of the staff members in High Achievers really catered to my needs. They took the time and effort to ensure that I would adjust well with my fellow tuition-mates and the Coaches went the extra mile in ensuring every one of us understood the content taught for the day. You guys really do change lives, thank you!

– Isaac Neo, High Achievers Training Graduate


“My son was failing mandarin since the start of Secondary one, constantly getting 20-30 marks for his exams. Since being taught by Coach Anna, his grades made a significant jump from 20-30 marks to the 70-80 range in such a short time! Now in Secondary 4, he has consistently been achieving 75-80 marks still. Thank you Coach Anna for preparing him well for his national exams”

– Mr Richard Neo, Father of Secondary 4 student


“Maths has never been my daughter’s favourite subject, that is until she met Coach Nathan! After attending workshops from High Achievers, helmed by Coach Nathan, she could not stop talking about maths! It was truly a joyful and pleasant surprise to see. Coach Nathan truly ignited a passion for maths in her that I never taught existed and she’s now overjoyed in her engineering course at Singapore Poly!”

– Mdm Jeanette Lee, Mother of 2017 High Achievers graduate

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