Since 1995

Pioneers of Youth Development

High Achievers, incepted in 1995, is a specialist in youth development training. Our experience and knowledge in understanding the needs of developing students allows us to equip them with relevant skill-sets and attitudes to meet the challenges of a rapidly developing world for excellence at school and at work in the future.

Since 1997

and counting


Lives Changed!

over 120,000

hours trained

More than 7700

programmes conducted


The Right Solutions

Finding the optimal method for educating youths can be difficult with the multitude of methodologies available in the market. However, with industry experience of over two decades, we are able to draw upon a considerable wealth of knowledge to meet the needs of our partners.

Exemplary Conduct

Competent Trainers

Youthful and passionate, our trainers are driven to deliver, being able to naturally connect and engage with the students. Weaving their own experiences into the programmes, our trainers add that personal touch to each and every workshop. Our trainers are prepped with intensive training sessions and with extensive attachment periods with veteran trainers, before taking a class on their own.

Exceptional Content

With a combination of Experiential Learning and the ASK model, we form a solid and well researched foundation for our programmes. Keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field of education, we constantly innovate and improve upon our curriculum. Our workshops are structured, making use of activities, discussions, and reflections to effectively deliver the desired learning outcomes.

High Achievers Training Consultancy Passion for Excellence

Exemplary Conduct

The hands-on learning style employed effective engages youths whilst maximising learning through active reflection. To tease out the learning, our trainers flexibly adapt the training material to the situation at hand. Making use of spontaneous and candid moments that arise to further emphasise on learning points. Our trainers are specialised in their assigned profiles, being competent in empathising and breaking down of barriers to enhance learning with the targeted youths..

Valued Partnerships

More than just a sale of programmes, we believe in partnerships where all stakeholders benefit and grow together. Dialogues and discussions are essential in uncovering and understanding core needs. We are committed to the goals of our partners and working together to accomplish them.

High Achievers Training Consultany

After Sales Service

The learning does not stop after our workshops. We provide follow up resources on a variety of engagement platforms. These are easy to use tools that refresh the minds of youths of skills taught during workshops. We also produce insightful and actionable reports for the evaluation of programmes, aiding in the planning for future ones as well.


“The facilitation was top-notch and feedback was so encouraging that even teachers wanted to get down and dirty in the mud pool to experience the fun!”

Mr Randell SiowCamp Commandant, Victoria School

“Workshop was something out of the ordinary, I was able to learn more effectively through this workshop as it kept me engaged with such interesting content and a very engaging coach. Really enjoyed it!”

CharlesEvergreen Secondary School Student

“The pupils and teachers enjoyed the workshop thoroughly and the trainers were very professional. They performed their tacks well and made sure that the pupils were trained and understood what they taught”

Mr Jay SngStudent Leadership Coordinator

“The programmes have really boost up my strength and self-confidence. It really motivates me. I’m going to prove to those people who looks down on me that I CAN ACHIEVE!”

AniqahSecondary 4 Student, Bedok Green Secondary School